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IT recruitment agency based in Kyiv, Ukraine

As IT recruitment agency we use our unique recruitment model which helps us fill IT vacancies by best candidates available of the market several days or weeks depending on difficulty of vacancy

5 misconceptions about IT recruitment

Read this before you hire any IT recruitment agency

Don’t risk waste your time with a wrong recruitment agency in Kiev, Ukraine before you learn about common mistakes that smart people, like you, make every day when looking for one of top recruitment agencies in Ukraine. 

BEFORE entrusting just any recruitment agency or employment agency in in Kiev, Ukraine you should arm yourself with the facts and get the real truth about common misconceptions surrounding choosing a recruitment agency to work with. 

Here’s why this is SO IMPORTANT…

By knowing the facts surrounding common misconceptions in the recruitment industry, you can avoid costly rip-offs and mistakes and find an ethical and affordable IT recruitment agency in Ukraine that’s right for you.

We want to help clear away fear and confusion so that you can make an informed decision about choosing a recruitment agency that has the experience with vacancies of CIO, CTO, Software Developer, Web Developer, QA Engineer, Project Manager, Software Architect, etc.

We are here to help.

Hi, I’m Vadim Lobarev, CEO of recruitment agency MindHunt with an office in Kiev, Ukraine.

I have enjoyed serving companies providing recruiting services from 2005 and today I want to help you realize how to find and hire developers in Ukraine.

So today, I’m literally letting the cat out of the bag and revealing the truth about common misconceptions surrounding recruitment in Ukraine and tips for finding an ethical and affordable recruitment agency that has your best interests in mind.

If you’re feeling… confused about choosing an approach on how to find suitable employees by yourself … or through a recruitment partner, that’s right for you…

…OR frustrated with the lack of information you get about recruiting agencies in Ukraine and worried about a HUGE price-tag or bill…

…AND afraid that you will have to live without needed staff or with staff which does not perform well, because you have no time for recruiting or cannot find an affordable recruiting agency that you trust.

This article is PERFECT for you and I want you to rest assured that you’re not alone.

We are sure you probably can fill just about any position yourself, given enough time and effort. 

However, how much more profitable would your time be if you used that time to look into technology, mentor one of your junior managers, growing your business or pursue new clients and business ventures? 

That’s why I want you to read this article that’s jam-packed with powerful, yet little-known facts that can keep smart companies – just like yours – from falling for common myths and mistakes surrounding recruitment.

I simply want to help as many people with recruiting issues as I can and that’s why right now, as promised, I’m going to share the top five misconceptions about recruitment in Ukraine, to help you stay completely informed about how to find IT professionals in Ukraine.

Misconception #1: We can find suitable employees just running Ads on a job board or in social networks

Did you know that statistics show that…

Short story.

One of our Clients – an international software development company – was looking for Project Manager in Kiev.

They placed an ad on LinkedIn and received about 40 CVs. 

It takes time to screen all these CVs… though they engaged us to do this job.  We did screening and interviewed the best candidates from this list …but simultaneously looked for candidates through our resources.  

As a result job offer was extended to our candidate.

Misconception #2: Recruitment agency is simply “CV sender”

…they just find a CV, do short screening and forward it to clients.

You are right. There are recruiting agencies that work exactly how you described.

But a professional recruitment agency works in the following manner:

Step 1: Sourcing, screening and selection

Step 2: An acceptable job offer

Step 3: Counter Offer Prevention System

Misconception #3: We don’t need a Recruitment Agency because we have in-house recruiters

If your internal team is delivering the results that you want, then you shouldn’t use recruiters.

So my question back to you is – “are they”?

If your internal team is delivering, then kudos to you and I understand it. 

If they aren’t, then you have two issues, and your problems are actually bigger than you think. 

You not only still have a position that is unfilled, but now you have dollars and resources being spent to manage an ineffective hiring team.

A professional recruitment agency can help you with both. 

They can help you fill your position, and then they can either help train your internal team to get better at attracting candidates, or you can outsource that function to them and achieve a whole new level of effectiveness.

Misconception #4: Fee of Recruitment Agency is too high

Consider that you actually do hire the wrong person. 

You have now invested time in recruiting, interviewing, training and then the potential to lose money on projects along with having to fire them…

…and then – worst of all – you have to start the hiring process all over again. 

Is saving a little money more important than the quality of the person you hire?

A recruitment agency assists you in hiring the best possible talent for an open position. What you are paying an agency to do is to identify, attract, evaluate and land the right person for you.

Also, you have a performance guarantee to give you time to make sure this IS the right hire, and ultimately you will realize that the cost of hiring the wrong person is MUCH greater than the fee associated with hiring the bullseye candidate.

Misconception #5: We’ve had a bad experience with recruiters in the past

…and we think all recruiters are the same

There are a lot of good ones and a few bad ones.

I’ve had a bad experience with a mechanic – but that doesn’t mean that I’ll never take my car in again to get it fixed. 

It just means I won’t make the mistake of going back to that same mechanic again. 

I still need to maintain my vehicle; you just choose wiser next time when you pick a mechanic. 

I hope using this information you will find a recruitment agency you want to work with.

If you want to know about our recruiting services – click here.

How can we help you

As IT recruitment agency we help businesses attract, select and hire CIO, CTO, Architects, Project Managers, software developers, web developers, app developers, QA Engineers, DevOps, DBAs, UI/UX Designers, Project Managers from 2011. We do searches in Europe, USA, Asia and Australia.


What our clients say


We are working with MindHunt for a couple of years and they helped us to identify, select and hire excellent IT specialists available on the market, including Ms Dynamics Nav Developers, .Net Developers, Test Engineers, System Engineers, Database and Business Intelligence professionals and many others. What I like in MindHunt is that they are able to understand exactly our recruiting needs AND fill vacancies for us in timely manner.

Yuriy Andrushchenko

Director of Software Engineering, Allvue


Auditdata doesn’t have recruitment capabilities in-house, so really we were looking for a long-term partner rather than just another recruitment agency. MindHunt has demonstrated end-to-end customer focused recruitment approach, deep knowledge of the IT market and solid experience in recruitment.  I believe our cooperation with MindHunt has been rather productive and we have managed to successfully close several complex positions for senior software, firmware & QA engineers together. I would be happy to recommend MindHunt for future clients.

Anna Aaen

Managing Director, Auditdata Ukraine


MindHunt helped us to find a great project manager in the Ukraine and he is still working with Wontok. I found MindHunt to be very professional and dedicated to the task of finding great people

Declan Coleman

Senior Vice President, Product Development, Wontok


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