How Google hire software engineers

Google is one of the most attractive companies to spend your software engineering career. So if you are a software developer who is interested in working at Google, knowing how Google hire engineers will give you a big advantage.

How To Hire Great Senior Software Developers Available On The Market

How do you hire strong senior software developers available on the market? What steps to take to find a really good specialist and hire him/her? A lot of companies struggle when it comes to hiring senior software developers. In this article, we will talk you through how to take away the obstacles you have and help you find a perfect top-notch developer.

What Is The Recruitment Process?

The recruitment processes are steps taken to find and hire the best person for a job. The processes include methods of advertising open positions, screening applicants, interviewing, documenting decisions, and communicating with all parties. A recruitment process is a series of steps taken to find and hire the best person for a job. The process […]

How To Build An Attractive LinkedIn Profile That Attracts IT Recruiters

This article will help you build an attractive LinkedIn profile. Quite often, IT recruiters look for candidates on the LinkedIn social network, so we want to give you LinkedIn tips for profile that will make the recruiter stay longer on your page.

How To Create An Effective Resume For A Software Engineer Job

There are many different types of resumes and each resume has its own requirements differently. Factor to consider how much detail should be in the resume, what the format of the resume should be and how to design it, how to write an attractive resume, and many more.

Technical Recruitment: What You Need To Know

Technical recruiting challenges face both hiring managers and prospective candidates on a daily basis. Technical recruitment is more than just posting your job description, hitting the "apply" button, and waiting for the right candidates to come to you. In this article, we describe how you can fill your vacancies in an efficient manner.

How to find blockchain developers

One of the most pressing problems for businesses interested in blockchain technology is finding viable developers. It's a complicated subject that needs to be addressed more -- and I'm going to try to do my part by breaking down how you can find blockchain developers for your project.

How to hire software developers for startup?

Hiring a software developer for your startup is a daunting task. What's the first step? How much does it cost? How do you go about hiring software developers? We are here to tell you exactly how this process works!

How to Recruit Java Developers for Your Company

Do you want to learn how to recruit Java developers for your company? In this blog post, we'll answer all the questions you've ever had about how to attract the best Java developers to your company.

How To Recruit Software Developers Efficiently 

How to recruit software developers efficiently is a question every business is asking themselves these days. Back in the day you could run an ad, get your inbox full of applications, and then do some interviews. This isn't the way the world works anymore.