Finding software developers in Ukraine

Are you hiring manager or an owner of a company and looking for software developers in Ukraine? After reading this article you will learn how to find software developers in Ukraine and how to close your vacancies with the best candidates as quickly as possible. How can you find software developers in Ukraine? The first […]

Recruitment agencies for software developers

It is difficult to say which IT recruiting agency is the best and makes the best recruitment of IT specialists. I believe that any assessment is subjective. We do not claim the ultimate truth. This list was compiled on the basis of information available on the Internet. What to pay attention to if you are […]

How to hire developers in Ukraine?

Ukraine IT outsourcing is quite popular in the world. And there are many reasons for that. Ukraine programmers are talented and hard working and salary level is lower in 2-4 time than in USA and Europe. There are many software development companies in Ukraine, including outsourcing, outstaffing and R&D centers of product development companies.  Ukraine […]

4 recruiting mistakes to avoid

#1: You use only passive search – place a vacancy on the Internet. You do not offer your vacancy to the appropriate specialists who do not go to sites with vacancies. Only specialists who are actively looking for a job can find out about your vacancy. Therefore, you limit the search range. #2: Your interview […]

Proven recruiting methodology

Do you want to fill urgent IT vacancies in Ukraine with qualified candidates in timely manner using proven recruiting methodology? These 8 simple guidelines will help you recruit the best IT specialists Critically important BEFORE starting to look for candidates is to have clear vision of open position, requirements, responsibilities, major problems to be solver, […]

How to make sure that your vacancy has reached the best of the best?

Do you want the best specialists in the market know about your vacancy? Do you want to fill a vacancy with a candidate that suits you best? …and more important: How to make sure that your vacancy has reached the best of the best? Let’s talk WHY it is important. First of all, in order […]

How to attract your ideal candidates?

What do most managers do when there is an open vacancy? In order not to lose time, they begin to search for candidates. What does this lead to? Maybe not all team members who participate in recruiting process understand who is needed or even worse – there are disagreements in the description of duties and […]