CTO executive search

Vadim Lobarev

Hiring a CTO is one of the most important decisions you will make for your company’s future. Bringing in the right person to lead your technology, product, and design teams is essential to scaling your business.

In today’s digital world, the role of the CTO is more important than ever. As technology evolves and our devices become more and more connected, a great CTO can help a company stay ahead of the curve.

The CTO is often seen as someone who works behind the scenes, but this isn’t exactly true. A great CTO has the ability to make or break a company. They can be crucial in helping to secure funding for your business and can even play a role in helping you determine how best to scale your product or service.

The difference between a CTO and a developer

Before you hire a new CTO, it’s important to understand the difference between a CTO and a developer.

A developer is someone who makes software (if you are looking for a developer – here is an article on how to find remote developers in Ukraine and Europe). A CTO is someone who leads an entire engineering team to make great software.

A good CTO will be able to take the big vision of your product and turn it into reality. They’ll need to:

  • Be able to plan out a roadmap for development
  • Have strong communication skills and be able to keep all stakeholders in the loop
  • Be able to manage projects, timelines, and budgets
  • Be able to lead (or find) an engineering team that can build your product
  • Troubleshoot problems and find solutions as they arise

If you’re hiring a CTO at an early-stage startup, they’ll need to be ready to wear many hats and have experience in building software products from the ground up. The ideal candidate will be ready for anything, from hiring an entire engineering team for the first time to writing code themselves when deadlines are tight, or talking about tech with potential investors.

Finding a CTO

When the question of CTO recruitment arises, it means your company has reached the point where serious growth is expected. It means that you have identified the need to bring on a technical person who can help you scale up and provide direction.

There are a few different ways to approach the hiring process for a CTO position. The most common way is to hire an executive search firm to find and assess candidates for you. This option provides many benefits, including access to a large pool of passive candidates, expert assessment of talent, and access to a team of seasoned recruiters who will manage the recruiting process from start to finish. if you never worked with an executive search or IT recruitment agency, please read the article on what is an IT recruitment agency and on how to select an IT recruitment agency.

Another option is to hire an in-house recruiter or internal HR team member. This is not as effective as using an executive recruiter because they do not have the same kind of access, experience, or network that an executive search firm does. That said, it is still better than just posting jobs online and hoping for the best.

One final option would be doing everything yourself. While this may seem like it would save money, it leaves you vulnerable to costly mistakes such as hiring someone who is not qualified or making poor decisions based on bad information from applicants who may have embellished their credentials in order to get hired by your company.

Assessing candidates for CTO position

Many companies find it difficult to identify the right candidate for the role of the CTO (Chief Technology Officer). This is because of their inability to understand what potential candidates should offer, and what skills they need to bring. The CTO position is one of the most important roles in an organization as this person oversees all technical aspects of the company.

Below are some tips on how you can identify a competent and qualified candidate for the role:

Check relevant experience

The chief technology officer is responsible for overseeing all technical aspects of an organization. Therefore, you should look for a person that has relevant experience in your industry. You want someone that understands how to use technology in order to meet your business goals.

Leadership skills

A good leader must have excellent leadership skills. The CTO’s main responsibility is to oversee a team of engineers and developers. Being able to lead such a diverse team requires strong leadership skills. Therefore, make sure candidates have strong leadership skills before hiring them.

Communication skills

Communication skills are essential whether you are dealing with employees or customers/clients. It will be difficult for an individual with poor communication skills to convey information accurately and clearly. Therefore, identify someone who has excellent communication skills to work in your company.



A CTO is part of the executive team and can make a big difference to your company. A CTO can increase your employee’s productivity by reducing the time spent on research and development. The right CTO will keep your employees on their toes, push them to work hard, and improve both your business and their skills. A CTO is only as good as the team behind them, so manage wisely but make sure you have a CTO to turn to if you’re in need of help or advice.