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How to attract your ideal candidates?

What do most managers do when there is an open vacancy?

In order not to lose time, they begin to search for candidates.

What does this lead to? Maybe not all team members who participate in recruiting process understand who is needed or even worse – there are disagreements in the description of duties and requirements.

Smart companies do differently.

They start with clear vision of vacancy and then create job description which has to sell vacancy to potential candidates.

Why is it critically important BEFORE starting to look for candidates is to have clear vision of open position?

So you may be asking – WHY do I need to have clear vision of open position – why is this so important?

Well, here’s the answer:

  • This information allowing you not only clearly understand what person are you looking for, but also present this vacancy in the way that your colleagues can understand
  • Without this information you will not able to efficiently qualify candidates because you simply have no ‘required profile’
  • Without this information you cannot sell your vacancy to potential candidates, because they will ask many question and you have no answers to them

Now… WHAT do you need to know to get clear vision of your open position?

  • Place in the organizational structure of open position (direct reporting, subordinates, colleagues, total number of people in the team or department)?
  • Major problems to be solved by hiring this person?
  • Expected measured sort and long term results?
  • What are required experience, skills and education?
  • Potential opportunities for career and professional growth?
  • Compensation package information?

WHEN you do all that – get clear vision of open position – here’s what will happen:

  • You can clearly present this vacancy to colleagues and potential candidates
  • You can create effective job description
  • You can do effective interview with potential candidates
  • You increase your chances to do right hiring decision

Okay, let’s talk next about:

How to create Job Description which describes your open position and sell it to potential candidates in the same time.

And lets begin with WHY you create document which describes your open position and sell it to potential candidates in the same time.

  • Usual job description just lists requirement and responsibilities and doesn’t sell your vacancy to a potential candidate
  • Job description should execute both roles – information for candidates’ self-qualification and to sell benefits of this vacancy – on other words WHY the person should pay attention to this position and send you CV
  • You can use this document as follow up after phone conversation with potential candidate to make sure that he/she get right understanding of the vacancy and you are on the same page

To get that kind of DOCUMENT in place, here’s WHAT you need to do:

Start by answering to the following questions:

  • Why should someone quit his job to join your company?
  • Why is your company good place to work?
  • Why is vacancy at your company is different from other vacancies on the market?
  • Place your answers to the job description.

WHEN you combine right job description, here’s what you’ll see happen:

  • You can use this advanced job description as sales letter for your vacancy
  • You can even use this document as a script for phone calls when you reach potential candidates and discuss a vacancy
  • Your team members can use it as well so you message will be the same and in order to make sure that all potential candidates get right understanding of open position.

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Vadim Lobarev is founder of recruiting company MindHunt and IT Recruiting Expert focused on filing vacancies in Ukraine with qualified candidates in timely manner ...for IT companies from USA, Australia and Europe which is looking for project managers, software developers, QA Engineers and other IT professionals in Ukraine.