How to hire C# Developer?

Vadim Lobarev

С#/.Net is a very popular technology to develop modern applications so many companies need to hire C# Developer. In this article, we will discuss how to hire C# developer.

Today many projects are built on this stack.

Using С#/.Net you can develop different applications, including web applications, mobile applications, desktop applications, API, and games.

Also, C#/.Net projects ofter go together with Azure – cloud technology from Microsoft.

Hire C# Developer in Ukraine

As you probably know, there are talented software developers in Ukraine, including C#/.Net Developers.

This is why many companies from USA and Europe set up offices in Ukraine or hire C#/.Net Developers remotely.

Since 2011 we have worked with different clients who either wanted to set up an office in Ukraine and engaged us to find a team from scratch or add new developers to an existing team.

During this time IT recruitment agency MindHunt filled dozens of C#/.Net vacancies for our clients, including the following hires:

  • hire ASP.Net MVC
  • hire ASP.Net WebAPI
  • hire ASP.Net Core MVC
  • hire ASP.Net Core Web API  
  • hire WCF
  • hire WPF
hire C# developer

What are C# Developer salaries in Ukraine in 2022?

  • Junior C# Developer (0-1 yrs) > $1000
  • Middle C# Developer (1-3 yrs) $1000-3000
  • Senior C# Developer (3-5 yrs) $4000-6000
  • Tech Lead C# Developer (5+ yrs) $5000-7000
  • Software Architect C# (5+ yrs) $6000-10000

How much time to hire C# Developer?

MindHunt needs 1-14 days to find, interview, and recommend you a first candidate.

After receiving candidates Client usually needs 2-14 days to conduct interviews and make a decision. 

After a job offer is accepted candidate usually needs 2-4 weeks for a transition period. 

How we hired C Sharp Developers

Below you can find case studies for we filled vacancies of C# Developer in Ukraine.

Case study #1.

Client: An American company with Head Office in NY, USA and development center in India decided to enter the Ukrainian market and establish a new development center from scratch.

Goal: Fill 5-6 vacancies, including Senior C# Developer (ASP.Net MVC, Angular) and QA engineers to launch development center

What we have done:

  • We identified and contacted 500+ potential candidates and recommended 29 candidates to our client for the position of Senior C# Developer.
  • We identified and contacted 100+ candidates for QA engineer position and recommended 10.


  • 4 vacancies of Senior C# Developer had been filled during 1,5 months
  • 2 vacancies of QA Engineer had been filled during 2 weeks.

Case study #2.

Client: Danish company with a development center in Ukraine. Our Client uses .Net to build desktop and web applications. They grow and each year hire C# Developers. We works with this company for 4+ years and filled many vacancies.


  • Hire WPF Developer (several)
  • Hire ASP.Net Developer (several)
  • Hire Azure Developer (several)
  • Hire C# Backend Developer (several)

What we have done:


We filled many vacancies and continue cooperation with this company.

Let us help you hire C# Developer in Ukraine, CIS, Europe for your company

Since the 2011 year IT recruiting agency we use sophisticated IT recruiting and executive search techniques to do deep market research, sell your vacancies to candidates and convince them to send their CVs.

We have successful experience in recruiting IT specialists in Ukraine, CIS, and Europe for companies from the USA and Europe.

We know about new technologies and trends in software development and close different vacancies for our clients, including vacancies with the following technologies: C#/.Net, Java, JavaScript, Angular, ReactJS, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, C/C++, and others.

If you need to hire C# Developer – we can help you – contact us for a free consultation.



С#/.Net is a very popular technology to develop modern applications so many companies need to hire C# Developer. Since 2011 IT recruiting agency MindHunt helps international companies hire C# developers in Ukraine and other countries. Let us know if you need our help.