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4 Simple Ways to Do IT Recruiting in Kyiv, Ukraine

If you are interested in IT recruiting in Kyiv, especially finding IT specialists to work on your tasks remotely or want to form a team that will work in the office, in this article you will receive all the necessary information in order to find the most suitable way for you and not make a mistake.

Ukraine is a popular country for outsourcing software development services for several reasons:

  • Many technical educational institutions that train high-level specialists
  • Convenient geographical location so you can easily travel to Ukraine from Europe and USA
  • The culture and communication features of Ukrainians allow people from Europe and the USA to easily find a common language with Ukrainians and create successful mutually beneficial cooperation

According to AVentures Capital, today in Ukraine there are more than 1000 IT companies, more than 100 R&D centers of international companies from the field of telecommunications, software development, computer games, e-commerce, industry, as well as more than 2,000 startups.

The number of IT specialists in Ukraine is increasing every year and by 2020 it is expected that their number will be 200,000 people, including office employees, IT specialists working remotely and freelancers.

1. Advertising

Advertise your vacancies on the internet

One common way to do IT recruiting in Kyiv is to advertise your job openings on the Internet.

You need to post a description of your vacancy and expect that a candidate with the necessary experience and knowledge will see her and respond to it.

Where to advertise your jobs in Kyiv?

Job search sites. Place your vacancy on one of the Ukrainian job search sites, including rabota.ua and work.ua

Advertising on specialized sites that your target audience visits, such as https://stackoverflow.com/jobs

Advantages: you can make your vacancy public and get chances to attract the attention of specialists with the necessary experience and knowledge

Disadvantages: advertising attracts only candidates who are looking for work, and according to statistics, only 5-10% of all specialists existing in the market.

2. Linkedin. A useful tool for IT recruiting in Kyiv, Ukraine

You can do recruiting in Kyiv using targeted searches on Linkedin, and use this social network as an advertising platform for your vacancies.

Targeted search. The Linkedin social network has many professionals with different skill sets. If you have several weeks (preferably months) at your disposal, then most likely you will find the specialists you need and you will have the opportunity to interest them with your vacancies.

In addition, when LinkedIn notices that you spend a lot of time doing a search on the database, you will close the opportunity to see specialist profiles for free. You will be asked to choose one of the paid packages. The question is whether you are willing to invest so much time in this work.

Advantages: you get access to a large database of specialists not expensive.


  1. Time spent
  2. If you have a few contacts in Ukraine, then you will need more time to disseminate information about your vacancy

Linkedin Ads. You are given the choice of a set of tools for advertising on Linkedin, including paid placement of vacancies in the corresponding section, the creation of publications and their paid promotion, etc.

Advantages: you can show your vacancy to candidates with certain skills.


  1. Pay for the process, not the result. You can spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on advertising to get views and clicks, but you won’t see any suitable resumes in your inbox.
  2. Many vacancies and it is difficult to draw attention to your vacancies
  3. Irrelevant responses.

Once, one of our clients was interested in IT recruiting in Kyiv and was searching for a Project Manager using an advertisement on Linkedin. They received more than a dozen responses, of which only a few were from candidates with experience that corresponds to 70-80%.

We needed to contact these candidates and conduct interviews. In parallel, we searched for candidates using our channels and found some good specialists who meet the requirements. As a result of our IT recruiting in Kyiv, a job offer was made to the candidate whom we found through our channels.

3. Outsourcing companies

it recruiting kyiv
How to find developers, QA Engineers, DevOps, Designers and other IT professionals in Kyiv.

Outsourcing companies provide comprehensive services, including IT recruiting in Kyiv, office, employee workplace and financial and administrative services. If you have a budget, you can outsource software development.

Advantages: Pay money and get a comprehensive service.

Disadvantages: You will need to pay monthly for the services of an outsourcing company. The more employees on your team, the more you need to pay.

4. Recruiting services

IT recruiting in Kyiv can be done using the services of recruiters, recruiting agencies or firms.

You will need to provide recruiters with information about your vacancies and they will search in their database, social networks, professional communities, and other places.

Thus, you will have the opportunity to close your vacancy as a candidate not only from among those who are currently looking for work but from among those who are not considering job offers. Because recruiters work with all the specialists in the market.

The recruiting services include not only the process of searching for candidates, but also

  • The formation of the profile of the desired candidate, so you can adjust the description of your vacancy and make it more attractive.
  • Consultation on the level of salary, so you will not make a mistake when you make a job offer to your final candidate.
  • Help in preparing a job offer for the candidate, which will be accepted, so you will minimize the likelihood that the candidate will not accept your job offer and you can avoid the situation when you spent time and effort in communicating with the candidate in vain.


  1. Get a free consultation,
  2. Pay only for the result,
  3. Get a resume of the first candidates during the week, and sometimes on the first day if the recruiting agency is working on a similar vacancy now.


  • More expensive than if you search for yourself
  • The risk to waste your time if you pick a wrong recruiting agency

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