Recruitment agencies for software developers

Vadim Lobarev

Need to find IT staff? Then recruitment agencies for software developers are here to help.

In this article, you will find the most famous recruitment agencies for software developers from Ukraine that perform searches for IT staff, including programmers, testers, business analysts, project managers, designers, DevOps, and others.

It is difficult to say which IT recruiting agency is the best and makes the best recruitment of IT specialists.

I believe that any assessment is subjective.

We do not claim the ultimate truth.

This list was compiled on the basis of information available on the Internet.

What to pay attention to if you are considering recruitment agencies for software developers?

I think it is important to consider the following factors:

Factors to consider when are you looking for recruitment agencies for software developers?

  • How long has the IT recruitment agency been operating on the market?
  • Are there any customer reviews?
  • Does the agency have a specialization?
  • Did they have experience with vacancies that are open in your company?
  • How many employees work in the agency?
  • Does the agency have an office and where is it located?
  • Do employees of the agency speak English (in case you need to find specialists with knowledge of English)?
  • Do agency employees understand the features of IT recruiting?


It is an IT recruitment agency with an office in Kyiv, Ukraine.

Since 2011, Mindhunt has been providing IT recruitment services in Ukraine and abroad.

During this time hundreds of IT vacancies were closed, including programmers, testers, system administrators, project managers, database administrators, technical writers, designers, architects, IT managers and directors, and development directors.

Mindhunt uses a unique recruitment methodology, which consists of three stages, including the search and selection of staff, the formation of a job offer to be accepted by your candidate, and the protection of the candidate from retention in his current job.

Therefore, working with Mindhunt, you get candidates who can and want to do your job and are willing to accept the job offer from your company.


This is an IT recruiting agency with 15 years of experience in the market, which has 100,000 developers in a personal database and 1500 closed vacancies in the course of their work.

Skillers provides such services as technical recruitment, global IT&T recruitment, training and counselling, and candidate service.

Smart Solutions

Smart Solutions Company recruits IT specialists, having in its database more than 50,000 contacts of IT-specialists, 15 professional IT-recruiters and 6 years of expertise in the IT market.

When working on vacancies for their clients, the motivation of candidates, language proficiency, candidate feedback and skills tests are verified.

IT recruitment solutions

Specialized recruitment company, which carries out operational search and quality selection of IT staff for Ukrainian and foreign business.

ITRS is a team of professionals who act professionally, quickly and coherently, a team whose activity is aimed at increasing the profit of the Client’s business by solving its HR-tasks.

The mission of ITRS company is to increase profit and business value of Customers by attracting efficient staff – the main resource of the company. The main purpose of ITRS is to provide the Customer with the IT-staff, which is the most precise of its requirements.

Talent Search

According to the company’s website, Talentsearch is a recruitment agency, unlike any other – unique in its approach to the client. They don’t do regular staff recruitment.

For their Clients they find the Best Candidates on the market, and the Candidates select the job of their «dreams».

This Mission conveys their calling in the recruitment business.




IT specialists can be recruited using various methods, including posting of vacancies on the Internet, searching in social networks, searching by recommendations.

If you have time and understand IT recruitment, you can hire developers or another IT specialist yourself.

At the same time, recruitment agencies for software developers, thanks to their database of candidates and knowledge of the market, will be able to find you the right candidates much faster.

In any case, it is up to you to decide how to search for IT staff.

I hope this article has helped you to understand how to find the best recruitment agencies for software developers based in Kiev, Ukraine.